About Jonmet

Is Jonmet an American company?
  • Jonmet is based in Shenzhen China. But we ship worldwide.
Does Jonmet have a store?
  • No. Jonmet does not have any physical stores, we only sell online.
What is the relationship between Junmei e-commerce Co., Ltd. and Jonmet?
  • Junmei e-commerce Co., Ltd. is our main body.
  • Jonmet is a brand website under Junmei e-commerce Co., Ltd.
  • How can I contact Jonmet?
  • You can contact us through Facebook/Email/Phone/Whatsapp or through the contact us form on the website.
  • Facebook:Jonmet
  • Email:support@jonmet.com
  • Phone:+86 18126420664
  • Whatsapp:+86 18126420664
  • What kind of website is Jonmet?
    • We have a team of professional designers to provide stylish, personalized gifts.
    • You can use your lover’s name and/or photos to create unique and practical souvenirs on those special days.
    • We will help you capture those precious moments and keep them close to your heart.
    • Our procedures are well organized from our technical team right down to our shipment agents to assure the most efficient delivery from factory to doorsteps.
    • We guarantee fast, professional, and timely deliveries because customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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